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Non-clinical staff

Some of the projects in the NHS Live project directory come from non-clinical NHS staff. You can read more about what an NHS Live project is here

Project in focus - Responding to the Choice Agenda

simon goodenough.jpgThis is an administrative project that directly affects administrative staff giving opportunites for new ways of working and role redesign in line with the ten high impact changes.It directly improves the patient experience by reducing hidden waits as well as waiting times on operating lists. Find out more

For non-clinical staff, NHS Live is an excellent resource to help you to find out how people across healthcare are dealing with the same issues and challenges you face. NHS Live is perhaps particularly useful to those who may be working in small teams where it is easy to feel isolated. NHS Live encourages sharing practice and learning from each other which can result in saving both time and money. Search the NHS Live project directory to see what you can learn.

Promote the work you are doing and let us others know what is going on in your area. We are interested in all your projects however big or small; find out what we mean by NHS Live project.

To tell us about what you are doing add a project to the NHS Live directory.

Events are an important part of the NHS Live programme. Our events run both nationally and regionally and at NHS Live we try to do things a little differently by steering away from the traditional conference, PowerPoint format. Find out about our events programme and to view upcoming events

We welcome hearing from you and often work in partnership with local organisations and Trusts to support their events programmes. If you would like to find out how NHS Live may be able to help you with your events email the team.

The NHS Live Award at the national Health and Social Care Awards is only one way in which the NHS Live programme celebrates success and recognises achievement. Many of the projects in the NHS Live Project Directory are winners or runners-up from regional and national award programmes. NHS Live provides a national platform to spread the word about the work you're doing.

As a national programme and part of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, NHS Live is uniquely placed to link clinical staff to the latest tools, research and products.