group2_2.jpg During your time on the graduate management trainee scheme you will take part in an Action Learning Set. Your set will comprise up to ten trainees who meet regularly.

What is Action Learning?

The principle of action learning is that 'there is no learning without action and no sober or deliberate action without learning' (Pedler 1997 Action Learning Practice, 3rd Edition, Gower, Hampshire)

The action learning sets will provide you with a forum to explore your placement based experiences with members of your set and take action within the workplace based upon these discussions.

Action learning sets can be described as ‘think tanks’ for personal development that work through challenges and opportunities in the workplace. In between meetings set members take action on these issues and reflect on their actions in subsequent meetings.

Action Learning Podcast: 

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This podcast features two ex Finance trainees talking about their experiences of Action Learning sets, and Dr Eden Charles, one of the scheme's Action Learning providers, explaining the process, function and importance of Action Learning on the scheme.

For trainees' reflections on Action Learning, visit our Media Hub page.

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