Commissioning for No Delays

As well as continuing to provide the No Delays Achiever and suite of products, the No Delays priority programme now has a new focus on supporting commissioners in their role in delivering and sustaining the 18 week pathway.

18 weeks presents a challenge for local health economies, both in terms of the immediate demand to meet the goal by December 2008, and ensuring that it is commissioned in a sustainable manner. As such, delivering 18 weeks will provide opportunities to re-shape services and further improve commissioning and care for patients.

The three new NHS Institute products to support commissioning for 18 weeks are now available.

Commissioning for Patient Pathways, a practical guide for achieving and sustaining 18 weeks. Now available in interactive pdf. Read more and download here. If you would like a copy posted to you, please email your details to 

No Delays Achiever - Commissioner Module: a new element for the No Delays Achiever designed specially for commissioners.

The No Delays Achiever - A Commissioner's Guide: using the No Delays Achiever to support commissioning for 18 week pathways. Read more and download here, or order a hard copy from

Barriers and Opportunities to Promote Effective Commissioining for 18-Week Pathways

The following documents are the individual components of a recent scoping study undertaken by the No Delays team into effective commissioning for 18 weeks.  They are all available to download in .pdf format.  You may like to start with the executive summary.

Effective Commissioning to Achieve 18-Week Pathways: a review of the literature - available to download here.

Levers for Effective Commissioning of 18-Week Pathways: a briefing paper that identifies and describes some of the levers available to PCT commissioners to secure their desired outcomes, including patient access to 18-week pathways.  Download the report here.

SHA Perspectives on Effective Commissioning: a study into the roles and perspectives of strategic health authorities in supporting effective commissioning.  Download the study here.

Interviews and Case Studies of Effective Commissioning: a write-up of 20 interviews with practice-based commissioners and representatives from PCTs with responsibility for commissioning.  Download the report here.