Successful Launch for the Academy for Large Scale Change

More than 70 senior executives from the ten strategic health authorities and representatives from the Department of Health, attended the recent launch of the Academy for Large Scale Change.   These executives have all signed up as members of the year-long Academy programme.

The Academy is the first of its kind in the world. It has been established by the NHS Institute to support NHS leaders at regional and national level to create the conditions needed to implement large scale change in their local environment, as they lead ground breaking transformation in the health service in England.  This follows the publication of their local visions as part of High Quality Care for All, which laid the foundation for transformational change. 

NHS Institute Chief Executive Bernard Crump opened the session by highlighting that each of the participants play a key role in “getting large scale change to happen” and that they each have “fantastically ambitious visions to deliver”. Participants were introduced to the Academy by its Director, Paul Plsek, an international authority on large scale change in healthcare. They were also introduced to the five Academy coaches who will support them throughout the programme, each of whom has an international reputation.  A series of presentations and group sessions led by Paul Plsek and Helen Bevan, Director of Service Transformation at the NHS Institute, included theories of large scale change, the personal challenge of leadership and concepts and methods for engaging, influencing, framing and reframing around large scale change visions and goals

Participants had the chance throughout the event to meet other Academy members to share their thoughts and experiences.   

Feedback has been extremely positive.  Members went away with ideas and actions to put into practice within their organisations and are looking forward to the next Academy session in January. 

Older news ...

October launch for the Academy for Large Scale Change

In future SHAs will play an even more significant role in innovation and improvement than they have before. As part of Lord Darzi’s recent review (‘High Quality Care for All’) the ten SHAs have created their local visions for better health outcomes and better care for their local populations. They provide a foundation for transformational change: a change that is free from organisational boundaries; change that is life enhancing for patients and staff; change with a real ‘Wow’ factor!. We call that ‘Large Scale Change’. It is clear that to make Large Scale Change a reality the right conditions and environment need to be in place.

We are setting up the 'Academy for Large Scale Change', the first of its kind in the world. The Academy will support NHS leaders at regional and national level to create the conditions needed to deliver large scale change in their local environment as they lead ground breaking transformation in the health service in England. Demand for places has been extremely high but we have had to limit the membership to around 70 of the most senior executives in the SHAs and the Department of Health.

The Academy Director is Paul Plsek, an international authority on large scale change in healthcare.  Paul will be supported by a small team of coaches who each have an international reputation in large scale change. The Academy programme starts in October 2008 and will run until November 2009. It will provide a world class experiential learning opportunity for participants as they put their individual strategic goals into action in their local areas of responsibility. Watch this space as the Academy helps leaders at regional and national level to turn High Quality Care for All into a reality!

Severe weather warning … large scale change is coming in from the West!

This is the message from one of the teams at the SHA Joint Improvement Network’s recent Design Rules for Large Scale Change event on 4 July at Coventry House. Another team saw design rules as ingredients to make a recipe for large scale change, and another team likened them to Moses and his 10 commandments … "we hope they’ll be around for some time!".

This dynamic event, facilitated by Sarah Fraser and Helen Bevan, saw SHA directors and service improvement leads spend a whole day being highly creative in order to come up with what they consider to be the 10 design rules to ensure that large scale change for the better happens across the NHS.

This feeds into the pre-thinking for our Academy for Large Scale Change that will be headed up by Paul Plsek over the next 12 months.  Participants from across England, SHA executive directors, clinical leads and service improvement agents, will take these design rules, further define and refine them and, along with other evidence based resources, will begin a process of deep transformation for the better … changes that make a significant difference to the public and staff - classed as transformational - a paradigm shift - the WOW factor!

We created a wiki: so that all the pre-thinking could be gathered and deposited in one place by the participants. The event itself was captured in real-time, video via Youtube, photos via flickr, blogs and comments collected as the day unfolded. You can take a look at what was achieved and the resulting 10 design rules, by visiting our web space:

Let us encourage you to get involved by leaving us a comment whilst you’re there!

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