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picture 438.jpgNHS Live is part of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.  This provides us with access to the NHS Institute's Priority Programmes and all the products and resources they produce to support the NHS. 

The NHS faces a major challenge in improving clinical and service quality while controlling costs. The NHS Institute's Priority Programmes are focused on NHS priorities that require rapid and innovative solutions.

Delivering Quality and Value

The Delivering Quality and Value programme is seeking to help all NHS organisations achieve the same levels of quality and efficiency as top performing organisations.

Safer Care

First do no harm is the pledge doctors sign up to when they start to practice. But despite the constant hard work and best intentions of NHS staff, many patients suffer complications when they receive treatment from us. The same is true in healthcare systems across the world. Read on at the Safer Care team website.

Care Oustide Hospital

The NHS Operating Framework for 2008/2009 expects PCTs to take ambitious steps toward providing care as close to the patient's home as possible.

NHS organisations need to focus their efforts on those areas most likley to bring significant benefits, and to apply effective approaches to ensure that the change delivers. Visit the Care Outside Hospital pages to find out more.

No Delays

No Delays is the NHS Institute priority programme focused on helping NHS trusts in England achieve the Department of Health’s objective of reducing delays in the health service – the 18 week patient pathway.

World Class Commissioning

An accelerated development programme to build high performance PCTs.