Learning about Major Service Change in the NHS

The NHS Institute is hosting a series of workshops in July to assist NHS organisations and leaders to prepare for major service changes that are likely to be required over the next few years.

In these workshops, we will draw on the experience of those who have been leading major service change locally and nationally with a focus on:

  • What have we gained from our experience to date – ‘do’s and don’t’
  • What does the ‘Next Stage’ require of us in leading, planning and doing major service change?
  • What do we need locally in order to do this well?
  • How might we continue to learn from each other?

The programme currently this includes:

  • Paul Corrigan on the London strategy and experience
  • Olga Senior on the implications of Oxford IRP decision
  • David Mason on current and future legal requirements
  • George Alberti on NCAT with the IRP and the Gateway Team
  • Penny Dash on the Next Stage review

Workshops themes include:

  • Public and stakeholder engagement
  • Patients as advocates of change
  • Creative use of community hospitals
  • Consultation and decision making in a challenging political context
  • From hospital to community – service change in an urban area

Knowledge development: we are expecting to publish the findings in some form for future reference.

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