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Helping SHAs deliver their strategic priorities; adding value to NHS Institute mainstream activity

The ten Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) across England form an important bridge between the Department of Health and front line NHS organisations.  Each SHA has nominated a director (known as a link director) to work with the NHS Institute on enabling service improvement.

The SHA/NHS Institute link director network meets fortnightly by webex conference and quarterly at events hosted by the NHS Institute.  In addition, there is a web forum for members on this website. 

The NHS Institute’s relationship with the SHAs is interactive and evolving - we are increasingly looking to the SHAs to influence and shape the services and products we provide.

Why is it important?The SHA joint improvement strategy creates an active improvement network across the SHAs/NHS Institute and aids the adoption of a collaborative working approach where rapid consensus building and pragmatic implementation is key.

The network also supports a greater level of cohesion and consistency in approaches to change, and greater knowledge sharing and leverage across different organisations.

What can it do for me?

The SHA/NHS link director network provides a forum:

  • To learn from each other and share best practice
  • To inform SHAs of NHS Institute products/tools
  • To make SHAs aware of where and how these products/tools have been applied and share learning and success stories
  • To influence future programmes in NHS Institute to reflect SHA priorities
Sharing & networking
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