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These Awards provide a platform to celebrate and share the best in our health and social care system – projects, services and teams that are passionate, innovative and committed to providing excellent care.

The high profile given to the Awards offers a superb opportunity for teams to gain national exposure and recognition for their achievements and to share ideas for the wider benefit of patients, service users and staff.

"Ideas are a dime a dozen.
People who implement them are priceless."

Mary Kay Ash


The Health and Social Care Awards are open to any team from across the health and social care system in England. This includes the NHS, Social Services, local government, charities, the voluntary sector, patient and carer organisations, care homes and other independent care providers.


This year, the public are invited to apply for the People’s Award for Dignity in Care. They must however complete a joint application for this award in partnership with a team working in health and/or social care

Please note that the only Award Category for which an individual application will be considered is the Leadership for Improvement Award.  This category is also open to leadership teams.  For all other categories, only a team can apply.

Teams can be clinical or non-clinical or a mixture: commissioning, social work, nursing, support staff, medical, IT, management, therapies, paramedical, administration, prison service, R&D. All parts of the health and social care system within England are encouraged to apply.

Applications from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not eligible for these Awards.

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