Each SHA has nominated a director (known as a link director) to work with the NHS Institute on enabling service improvement.

For each link director, the NHS Institute have identified a corresponding NHS Institute director to promote a closer working relationship between organisations:

Strategic health
NHS Institute 
Link director,
 Yorks Humber     
 Simone Jordan 
 Ros Roughton
 East Midlands  Mick Cawley
 Phil DaSilva
 West Midlands  Mick Cawley  Eamonn Kelly
 North West          Paul Allen  Dean Royles
 North East  Simone Jordan  
 Steve Singleton
 East of England  Julian Denney       Steven Welfare
 London                Bernard Crump  Paul Corrigan
 South West  Helen Bevan  John Bewick
 South Central  Helen Bevan 
 Katherine Fenton
 South East Coast
 Julian Denney  Sue Webb

Dr Helen Bevan, Director of Service Tranformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement provides the network with its executive lead.

Other regular members of the network include SHA service transformation leads nominated by the SHA link directors.

Strategic health
Service transformation lead
 Yorks Humber     
 Helen Dowdy and Laura Hibbs 

 East Midlands  Gary Thompson
 West Midlands  Judy Hall
 North West          Chris Jeffries, Jane Dunning & Melanie Ogden
 North East  Ian Railton and Allison Welsh 

 East of England  Kate Gill and Chris Birbeck     
 London                Christine Kirkpatrick
 South West  Liz Carter
 South Central  Steve Fairman and Nicola Priest 

 South East Coast
 Sarah Tetley and Pauline Smith

The NHS Institute's SHA joint improvement programme team consists of:

  • Lynne Winstanley, programme lead
  • Deene Barrett, programme manager
  • Jacqui Fowler, associate

The team can be contacted on: shajis@institute.nhs.uk

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