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The network of nine regional NHS innovation hubs was established to identify, protect and commercialise technology innovations and intellectual property created by NHS staff.  This can include new medical devices, technologies, software, publications or training materials.  The drivers for their activities include improved patient care, enhanced service delivery, increased business and enterprise activity and the creation of additional revenue that NHS trusts can re-invest into patient services.
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NHS Networks is a means of promoting and connecting the many networks which exist throughout the NHS. NHS Networks' mission is to identify all the networks which exist and encourage the sharing of ideas between, as well as within, networks.


 NHS Connecting for Health.

New Online ‘One-Stop Shop’ for HI Professional Development

An online 'one-stop shop' portal supporting personal and professional development in Health Informatics (HI) has been launched by NHS Connecting for Health. 'Professionalising Health Informatics', or PHI for short, is a reliable and comprehensive source for all your HI development needs. PHI links you to a plethora of information about HI professionalism, including development opportunities, professional bodies and reference materials.


CHAIN - Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network - is an online network for people working in health and social care. It is based around specific areas of interest, and gives people a simple and informal way of contacting each other to exchange ideas and share knowledge.  CHAIN is multi-professional and cross organisational. 



At a local level the ICN (Integrated Care Network) promotes and supports integration through a series of Action Learning Networks (ALNs). Their aim is to support the integration of NHS, social care and Local Authority communities by bringing them together to compare and share experiences.

The Map is a web-based visual representation of evidence-based patient care journeys covering 28 medical specialties and 387 pathways. As healthcare provision becomes much more specialised the need to plan and then benchmark clinical practice against national standards whilst incorporating local intricacies is key.




FHN (Future Healthcare Network) is a group of mental health, acute and primary care trusts and strategic health authorities engaged in major change projects.


TIN (The Improvement Network) is for anyone in the NHS or its partner organisations with an interest in improving healthcare services for the benefit of patients, service users and carers.



eSpace is a community based tool dedicated to improving healthcare by sharing knowledge and experiences of technology enabled change.

  • network with your colleagues, wherever you are
  • liaise with colleagues facing similar challenges to you
  • share information and learn about others experiences
  • keep your knowledge of your professional area current