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28/11/2008 - Please note that the Graduate Scheme is now closed to applications.


03/12/2008 - Online testing for the Graduate Scheme is now closed.


If you are having problems booking into the 24hr Leadership Challenge for the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, please contact our recruitment line on 0845 3001426. Our office hours are 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday.


Where better to develop and sharpen your leadership skills than with Europe’s single largest organisation? Employing 1.3 million people dedicated to looking after 60 million people, with a budget of over £100 billion, from their very first breath until their last, the complexity and challenge and sheer scope on offer shapes careers like no other.

It’s simply about making us better: leading change; influencing; supporting the nation; questioning; thinking differently. And so preparing a world-class organisation for the demands of the future.

You’ll find that wherever your ambitions lie, there are a variety of placements that will get you to where you want to be.

Explore our Case Studies and find out more about how the NHS is leading the way - from Formula 1 surgery to reducing our carbon footprint, from radical infection control to virtual reality training...

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What are you looking for in a graduate scheme? World class training and development? Solid work experience, a new challenge everyday? The NHS Graduate Leadership Programme can give you all that and more. If you want to develop your career and get the qualifications on the way have a look around and find out what else we could offer you.