Staff.jpgThere are four factors that influence staff within the sustainability tool. 

Staff involvement and training to sustain the process

Individual employees within your organisation play a crucial role in healthcare improvement whether they accept and participate in the change, resist it or simply ignore it. Having a team of staff who willingly take on change and do all they can to
make it work is key for success and continuous improvement, but unfortunately this ideal is often absent from many organisations... so why is this?

Staff attitudes toward sustaining the change

The staff, their feelings, attitudes and beliefs are central to any effort to achieve and sustain a change. One important aspect is the extent to which the staff themselves believe that the change will actually be sustained. ‘Scepticism at any level is important
in practical terms because it may manifest itself as resistance’(Modernisation Agency, 2002).

Senior leadership engagement

Countless change programmes have faltered despite well-argued logic because people in positions of power and authority wavered in their support.

Clinical leadership engagement

Because any profession is most likely to listen to advocates who understand theirvalues and challenges, a clinical leader will be very important in gaining the support of other clinicians.

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