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NHS Live is developing a number of toolkits to help you. Currently under development is a toolkit to support those who may have to run improvement or other events. Keep checking this page to keep up to date with the toolkits available.

NHS Live is keen to ensure that relevant and useful toolkits are developed, so please get in touch with the team if you have a suggestion for a resource that you would find helpful.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has many products that can help those working in the NHS.

Examples of these products are listed below:



Improvement Leaders' Guides - Personal and organisational development

This group of Improvement Leaders' Guides focus on the people and culture that make up an organisation and their impact on improvement. They are about the people side of change.


Thinking Differently

The Thinking Differenly book will provide you with a range of practical approaches and tools that many NHS leaders and front-line teams have already used to fundamentally rethink pathways of care and service delivery.
To find out more about the Thinking Differently Challenge click here.

Presentation materials from the Thinking Differently course.

Thinking Differently.jpg

TDcontents.pdf Contents (33.22 KB) 

TD-slides-1-7-1.2.pdf Introduction  (262.49 KB)

TDslides8-25.pdf Concept  (793.91 KB) 

TDslides34-43.pdf Phase 1  (300.93 KB) 

phase2.pdf Phase 2 (840.28 KB) 

tools phase 3.pdf Phase 3 (1.06 MB) 

TDslides100-106.pdf Case studies and appendices (202.58 KB)



Speaking for Success toolkitsquarebanner.jpg


Is there a change that you would like to make at work, but you are struggling to get heard?

Using the simple structure of a story can help you to clearly identify your message and get yourself heard.

TheWholeStory, who run the NHS Live Speaking for Success workshops, believe that using their StoryMap will help you to articulate and communicate your message with greater impact. It is one of the many tools of storytelling that will help you to communicate what you want to say, whether in a meeting or when giving a presentation.

Click here to view or download the Speaking for Success toolikit now.


No Delays Achiever Resource Guide

Visit the No Delays Achiever for a collection of over 80 resources that you can browse.



Ensuring continuity in improvement

The Sustainability Model is a diagnostic tool that is used to predict the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement project.

The Sustainability Guide provides practical advice on how you might increase the likelihood of sustainability for your improvement initiative.