How do you lead the way?

The building leadership team, at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, is responsible for the recruitment to three key NHS leadership programmes: the graduate management training scheme, gateway to leadership and breaking through.

Every year our recruitment campaigns attract quality candidates to these programmes - and to the NHS. Our messages are built around the NHS brand proposition and emphasise the management and leadership opportunities of our employer as one of the world’s largest and most complex organisations.

This year our recruitment campaign focuses on how the NHS 'leads the way'. We want to illustrate to the outside world, and to the leaders out there we wish to attract, how the NHS is looking forwards, aiming be innovative and world class – while giving candidates the opportunity to get onboard and do the actual leading.

To bring this attractive campaign to life, we need your help! We need real examples from all across the health service of how the NHS is leading the way, in terms of organisation, process and technology.

Do you know any facts, figures, stories, articles that demonstrate this innovation and leadership?  Are you able to direct us or connect us into sources of such information – people, websites, newsletters? If so, please send them to us (email

Some examples of what we are looking for (but not only) how the NHS has:

  • pioneered a new approach to healthcare
  • used technology in new and innovative ways
  • approached a healthcare issue or problem in a new way
  • been the first to do something worldwide
  • obtained a world record achievement.

Any help you can provide will be very valuable and will contribute to our goal of attracting the best people to work and lead the NHS.

Tell us how you LEAD THE WAY

Best-practice-award-winning recruiters, the graduate scheme, gateway to leadership and breaking through programmes are organising a recruitment campaign focusing on how 'the NHS leads the way'.  To help us make it a success and attract top-quality candidates please send us your facts, figures, stories, about innovation and leadership in the NHS. Email

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