Pre-registration education

Building improvement capability into pre-registration training

The NHS workforce is made up of highly trained clinical skills experts – systems thinking has not been part of the curricula for healthcare professionals. Meanwhile, healthcare systems are failing and the services inadequate.

Being a better practitioner will not solve the problems that are detracting from the quality of the care currently provided. To tackle this, in 2006 the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement commissioned three consortia to pilot the introduction of the principles of service improvement into healthcare professional training. All included a patient focus, process mapping and PDSA cycles.

In 2007 the NHS Institute recruited six more consortia to adapt the original pilots for their own courses. In 2008 twenty-three additional universities joined the initiative, which means nearly 30% of universities offering healthcare education in England are introducing their students to the concepts, tools and techniques of quality improvement and giving them the opportunity to apply these tools and techniques in practice. 

This initiative aims to involve all the universities in England who provide the pre-registration education of healthcare professionals in embedding the message that everyone, whatever discipline or grade, has a contribution to make in improving quality and providing better, safer healthcare.

What is this initiative trying to achieve?

An objective of the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement (NHS Institute) is to ‘build capability for a self-improving National Health Service’.  The NHS Institute was aware that historically, improvement skills and techniques have not been part of curricula for healthcare professionals in training.  Therefore they developed an initiative, working with partners in the National Health Service (NHS) and Universities to develop improvement capability in the NHS workforce by engaging with pre-registration (pre-qualification) healthcare students during their professional education. 

This initiative is about developing healthcare students, of all disciplines, who are willing to challenge and be challenged to improve services for users.


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