Delivering Through Improvement Project

What is it?

The Delivering through Improvement programme supports a network of chief executives from provider organisations with their transformational change programme. The chief executives are all ambitious in their aims for their organisation, patients and staff and the programme is not about partial or incremental change.  It is about building and strengthening transformational leadership skills and developing a vision, strategy and implementation plan that leads to exceptional results.  

The first Delivering through Improvement programme was launched in October 2006 and is still going strong. The second programme was aimed at newly appointed chief executives.  

Co-productive approach

We have adopted a truly co-productive approach to ensure that the programme has been driven by the chief executives’ needs.  Support in the following areas has been provided by the NHS Institute, leading management consultants, individuals with expertise in leadership development and transformational change and academic experts. 

  • Setting out and communicating vision, strategy and plans in a way that engages staff through writing and sharing a uniquely engaging type of 'transformation story'.
  • Developing a plan of action that sits behind the change story and makes it real
  • Linking transformational aspirations with radical redesign of front line services to deliver exceptional results
  • Coaching and workshops from leading experts to develop and expand transformational leadership skills.
  • Opportunities to share with and draw on the experiences of other chief executives in the network. 
  • 1:1 coaching to enable the chief executives to focus on their transformational objectives and opportunities to develop their own coaching skills to motivate staff to perform at their best
  • Opportunities to learn from other healthcare systems and organisations outside of healthcare