Thinking Differently

Thinking differently

If we - the staff, clinicians, managers and leaders within the NHS, continue to think as we have always thought, we are likely to get the same results we have had before, regardless of the new structures and priorities that surround us.

It is thinking differently - the necessary prerequisite for doing differently - that will, in the end, determine whether current reforms actually make a difference for patients and the public.Thinking differently can help to ensure that services are not just improved but transformed.  These pages provides tools examples and inspiration - demonstrating how different perspectives can help to fundamentally change the way care is delivered.

Resources to help you think differently 

Thinking Differently book

This book started on the journey to thinking differently.  It provides a practical process that you can follow from initial ideas through to implementation.  Thinking differently will help you to transform healthcare services.

How others are thinking differently

A collection of short examples demonstrating  how healthcare and non healthcare organisations are tackling challenges they face in innovative ways.

Where else to look for inspiration
An easy access guide to different resources that can be used to provide insight for improvement and innovation.

Latest updates

Update:  Read about how Mayo Clinic and Aravind Eye Care System have been developing innovative services