Technology and product innovation

The Technology and Product Innovation directorate is promoting the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies across the NHS. It works through four main themes: 

  • knowledge supporting adoption
  • the innovation landscape from invention to adoption
  • defining the need and metrics for technology adoption in the NHS
  • front-line capability and commissioning
In December 2007 the TPI published a study of PCT commissioners’ views on promoting high quality healthcare through technology:
and a case study following the challenges of implementation of telehealth technology by Kent County Council and how this fits into a national strategy for proving the disruptive technology in practice: An alternative version of this case study following the practical implementation of the technology in more detail is published in co-operation with the Care Outside Hospital team.

The National Innovation Centre (NIC) is part of the Technology and Product Innovation directorate. The NIC promotes the acceleration of healthcare technology innovation that will deliver the greatest benefits to NHS patients.

If you or your organisation has an innovative healthcare technology that you want to develop, then the NIC team will look forward to hearing from you via its application form on the website. The website also contains other information and tools to help you map the best route to develop your innovation.


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