No Delays - Achieving the 18 week pathway

No Delays is the NHS Institute priority programme focused on helping NHS trusts in England achieve the Department of Health’s objective of reducing delays in the health service – the 18 week patient pathway.

The NHS Institute believes that the only effective way to achieve and sustain 18 weeks is through service improvement and redesign.  As such, the No Delays team has developed a suite of products to support commissioners and providers in achieving and sustaining 18 weeks and therefore improving patient flow. 

The flagship product – available free to all NHS organisations in England – is the No Delays Achiever, a web-based statistical analysis package and library of service improvement tools. 

The No Delays Achiever and suite of supporting products provide NHS organisations with practical advice on how to get to the root cause of delays and realistic solutions to tackling waiting list backlogs.

Why is it important?

Patients who wait unnecessarily for services are prone to higher levels of anxiety and stress. They may be in pain, feel unwell and unable to carry on with normal life while they wait for diagnosis and treatment.

In some instances, the quality of the final outcome of treatment may be adversely affected.

What can it do for me?

The No Delays suite of products will be of use to any NHS organisation wishing to adopt a holistic approach to healthcare that puts the patient experience at the heart of service design and delivery.

Help and support in using the No Delays Achiever is available both online and offline in the form of workshops, guides, web conferences, case studies and more.

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