Building Capabilty

Current Government plans to re-design the health service system around the needs of the individual patient require a health service ready and willing to adapt to change.

The Institute is seeking to help the NHS at every level feel more confident, ambitious and radical in its approach to change so that both the experience and outcome for patients is significantly improved. To help achieve this, the NHS Institute hopes to:

  • inspire the NHS workforce, encouraging staff to adopt the knowledge and skills required to improve services and care.
  • encourage and develop talented people to lead their teams through these series of changes.
  • provide a range of learning opportunities, practical advice and tools to help organisations and staff achieve individual and collective goals.

The end result will be a health service that truly meets the needs of patients, improves quality of care and provides value for the public.

Why is it important?

Building capacity and capability for innovation and improvement within the NHS will bring huge benefits for patients, carers and staff, as well as increased quality and value.

What can it do for me?

Re-designing the health service system to place the needs of the patient first, patients can expect a high quality care experience from highly qualified and motivated care professionals.

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