LIPS core modules

This part of the leading improvement in patient safety (LIPS) programme is aimed at senior doctors, nurses and patient safety managers within trusts.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has successfully delivered this course in the Unites States as an eight-day version. Feedback from UK clinicians who attended the US version led to a 4-5 day design for testing in this country in November 2007.

Medical Director, Kings College Hospital Foundation NHS Trust 'When I arrived, I thought….four days out of my life, no one is busier than me…how the hell am I going to cope with this? However, I think I have really learnt quite a lot and some things I thought I knew….it turns out maybe I didn’t know them in the depth I needed to.' The course covers:


What can be achieved and where are we now. This includes an introduction to a specific tool called the global trigger tool


Change packages detailing clinical interventions that will reliably improve care


How you can really make a difference using:
  • reliability science
  • small scale tests of change
  • measurement
  • human factors/communication/teamwork
On the final day of the course, participants work with their respective chief executives to consolidate and sign-off their action plans ready for implementation.

Clinical Director, Milton Keynes General Hospital 'The LIPS programme has been instrumental in catapulting patient safety to the top of the organisation’s agenda' Sites have then been involved in three follow-up days to focus on topics such as:

  • the global trigger tool
  • statistical process control (SPC)
  • reliability
  • sustainability
  • learning from each others’ experiences

Pre reading is a requirement for participants, click here for details.

For an introduction to the LIPS programme and specifically the core modules please watch this film.


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