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  Patient safety first

The Patient Safety First Campaign for England was a key recommendation of Safety first (safetyfirstpaper.pdf1.84 MB).

Its aim is to build the momentum and engagement required to make patient safety a top priority.

As a joint sponsor of the Patient Safety First campaign, we are working with healthcare communities across England to create a culture where avoidable harm and death to patients is completely unacceptable.   

We are helping to produce tools and products to support the campaign and our Leading Improvement in Patient Safety Programme (LIPS).

The Leading Improvement in Patient Safety Programme (LIPS) supports and complements the Patient Safety First campaign by helping trusts to develop the capacity and capability to make patient safety the highest priority.  

Through the Executive Quality and Safety Academy (EQSA), chief executives and their executive teams enrolled on the programme work with the NHS Institute to produce clear, deliverable patient safety improvement strategies for their organisations. 

A significant part of LIPS involves working with medical and nursing directors and clinicians to develop the knowledge and skills to rollout their patient safety improvement strategies and eliminate harm to patients. 

As well as sharing the successes and challenges of improving patient safety with others committed to eliminating harm to patients, the learning from the LIPS programme will help NHS trusts to deliver the aims and objectives of the Patient Safety First campaign.

The LIPS programme and the Patient Safety First campaign support each other in achieving a common goal.  NHS trusts will benefit significantly from participating in both. 

Trusts that are signed up to the campaign but not yet enrolled on the LIPS programme can find more information on how to apply here

Trusts that have enrolled on the LIPS programme but are not yet signed up to the campaign can do so here.       

The Patient Safety First campaign has been initially supported by the Institute for Health Improvement team from the US. Their current '5 million lives' campaign (previously '100,000 lives') has inspired many organisations and individuals worldwide to sign up to take action against patient harm.

To read more about the IHI campaign or about our partner organisations in the English campaign click on the links below:

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