Focus on: productivity and efficiency

As part of the Delivering Quality and Value strategy, the NHS Institute is working closely with the Department of Health (DH) productive time programme, the NHS integrated service improvement programme and the wider NHS to support improvements in systemic productivity and efficiency, which is now a priority for all NHS organisations.

The Focus On: Productivity and Efficiency document, one of a series being developed under Delivering Quality and Value, is designed to help commissioners and providers identify where to focus for the greatest potential productivity and efficiency gains.

The document concentrates on areas with the highest variation in practice and performance across the NHS, where improvements are realistically achievable. For each potential improvement we have given a sense of the scale of possible gains:

  • suggested areas for benchmarking your local performance and setting targets for improvement and benefits realisation
  • highlighted ways in which the quality and value of care can be improved by both providers and commissioners
  • signposted links to further support and information resources.

The improvements that can be made are real, not theoretical. In each area addressed in the document, practice and performance vary widely across the NHS. Following the lead taken by top performers will help improve the quality and value of services everywhere.


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