Lean published articles

The NHS Institute has written a series of short articles on lean thinking:

Operations Management Magazine Operations Management Magazine (62.01 KB) - Eliminate NHS losses by adding Lean and some Six Sigma - a short article explaining how Lean and Six Sigma can be used to improve performance in the NHS

Healthcare Finance Magazine Healthcare Finance Magazine (352.95 KB) - Lean in a win-win situation - a one page article explaining how lean is a win-win sitiation for finance directors and finance managers

Healthcare Finance Healthcare Finance (2.18 MB) - Leaning Towards Efficiency, an article focused upon the how lean techniques from the manufacturing and retail sectors can be used within the NHS.

Going Lean in the NHS - How lean thinking will enable the NHS to get more out of the same resources

Public Service Review Public Service Review (473.58 KB)- Learning by Doing, an article focused upon improving patient flow and eliminate waste.

Health Service Review Health Service Review (63.21 KB) - Thinking Lean, article explains why following the likes of Toyota with the introduction of ‘Lean’ thinking could offer the NHS an opportunity to ‘work smarter, not harder’.

Health Service Journal Supplement Health Service Journal Supplement (1.12 MB) - A number of articles, covering the Lean methology in theory and in practice.




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