Rapid Improvement Programme - rapidly transforming care

Aim of the Rapid Improvement Programme

To help improve quickly the quality and value of care for seven high volume pathways across the NHS.

How will we do this?

  • At a local level by providing skills and expertise direct to NHS organisations to make improvements
  • At a regional and national level by spreading knowledge within regional and national networks
  • Longer term learning to identify and develop suitable strategies to enhance the implementation of the seven high volume pathways.

What are the seven high volume pathways?

  • caesarean section (promoting normal birth and reducing caesarean section rates)
  • emergency and urgent care for children and young people
  • cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder)
  • adult mental health admissions/psychiatric intensive care
  • fractured neck of femur
  • primary hip and knee replacement
  • ambulatory and short stay emergency care (adults, including frail older people) 

How can I get involved?

The application process to join the Rapid Improvement Programme has now closed. We received many high quality applications and eventually selected over 70 NHS organisations who began the programme in November 2008.

Organisations that were not selected will be able to attend learning events for each SHA region in England for some of the high volume care pathways. These one day events will provide opportunities for every NHS organisation within the SHA region, to share their experiences of improving high volume care pathways within a supportive network.

Please click on the name of the pathway below to find out more information about selected trusts, updates on the programme, feedback and events.