Focus On: Cholecystectomy

Focus On: Cholecystectomy

This document aims to help local health communities and organisations improve the quality and value of care for cholecystectomy patients. This document has been amended: Conversion rates should now be used in conjunction with complication rates. No routine need for gall bladder routine histopathology and no routine need for on-the-table cholangiography have been reviewed and removed.

Document / tools include
The key characteristics of organisations providing high quality care and value for money
Measures for improvement
Case studies & examples of good practice

Situations it works well in
Day surgery units who want to improve their cholecystectomy pathway

Priorities addressed
Improving the cholecystectomy pathway

Target audience
Day Surgery Units (surgeons, anaesthetists, day surgery managers), Health communities, SHAs, Trusts, PCTs, Service Improvement Teams .

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