OncoAlert and focus on: sick patients with suspected cancer

cancer graphic resized.jpgWelcome to the NHS Institute's cancer team website

We are looking at patients in England admitted as an emergency and diagnosed with a new cancer during their admission. The cancer project (cancer project 38.74 KB) is part of the High Volume Care work within the Delivering Quality and Value Priority Programme.


Using the NHS Institute's innovative work methodology, the aim of the project is to identify what makes the care of these patients work well in some hospitals, and how this expertise can be shared with other hospitals.


 What we have done

We have visited a number of hospitals over the past two months to identify best practice and explore with them what can be done to share this across the wider NHS. We held a cancer stakeholder day at the end of September 2007 to share and validate some of these early findings. Further details about our work and findings will be published in our Focus On document in late 2008.

What happens now

We are currently in the testing phase of our project. In co production with front line staff, we have developed a tool called OncoAlert which we expect to be available by early summer 2008.

OncoAlert provides rapid access for hospital teams and GPs to advice and assessment from specialist cancer teams. OncoAlert aims to get sick patients with suspected cancer investigated and under the care of cancer teams as soon as possible, regardless of their route of referral.

By providing telephone advice and urgent outpatient and inpatient assessments OncoAlert aims to improve the quality of care for patients by reducing the need for emergency inpatient admission for some patients, the time to diagnosis and the patient’s overall length of time in hospital if admission is required.

The tool will include everything an organisation needs to establish the OncoAlert system within their hospital quickly and smoothly. The phase 2 testing document (phase 2 testing document 99.40 KB) and presentation (presentation144.41 KB) are now available, these are still very much prototype products for testing, we would very much welcome your feedback on these.

How to get involved

We would genuinely welcome and value your contribution to our work. If you have comments or would like to be involved, please contact the team at: cancer@institute.nhs.uk


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