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Achieving the best health for all


The strategic plan sets out how the NHS in Bradford and Airedale will achieve the best health for all over the next five years. Our plan is ambitious, but rightly so. Our local population needs strong, effective public services. Improving the overall health of our population and reducing inequalities will need sustained and targeted action, working alongside local people. There are extreme inequalities across the district with significant differences in life expectancy between our most affluent and deprived areas. Some people living in Bradford and Airedale have a poorer standard of health than the national average. The economic climate and social factors such as lack of education, employment and housing can contribute to ill health. Any solutions developed must be appropriate, effective and meet the needs of our diverse communities.We must ensure people can still access hospital services quickly when they are ill, but the greatest need is for services that address and improve the health and wellbeing of our local population.

We have worked hard to improve services in recent years and the local health community has earned a reputation for delivering innovative new services. It is important that we continue to foster that spirit of innovation and creativity.

Our financial position gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform healthcare across the district.We will invest wisely and shift our focus towards health improvement, prevention and addressing health inequalities.

We recognise that we cannot do this on our own and significant action in partnership with Bradford Council and the local strategic partnership is critical to achieving our aims. That is why we have made our strategy fit within the wider strategic framework for the district as a whole.

We will take forward our work through a commissioning programme, using a clear and consistent approach to managing complex change.

We will plan and monitor developments, making sure we have the greatest possible impact on services across the NHS and the wider community.

Our strategy identifies action across a wide range of service areas and focuses on achieving substantial change across the five objectives below.

  • Address health inequalities with a focus on health improvement and prevention.
  • Commission primary care to improve quality, access and environment.
  • Develop integrated care models to meet people’s needs
  • Transform learning disability and mental health services.
  • Improve the quality of maternity care and services for children

We are proud to lead this programme of significant change for our communities and we truly believe we will achieve the best health for all.


John Chuter                              Simon Morritt                                 Jan Lee

Chairman                                  Chief Executive Chair                      Clinical Executive

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