Toyotawaybook11.jpgThe Toyota Way - Jeffrey Liker

(A great introduction to lean and Toyota - 5 stars)

In factories around the world, Toyota consistently makes the highest-quality cars with the fewest defects of any competing manufacturer, while using fewer man-hours, less on-hand inventory, and half the floor space of its competitors. The Toyota Way is the first book for a general audience that explains the management principles and business philosophy behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

The fourteen management principles of the Toyota Way create the ideal environment for implementing Lean techniques and tools. Dr. Liker explains each key principle with detailed, examples from Toyota and other Lean companies on how to:

  • foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement and learning
  • create continuous process 'flow' to unearth problems
  • satisfy customers (and eliminate waste at the same time)
  • grow your leaders rather than purchase them
  • get quality right the first time
  • grow together with your suppliers and partners for mutual benefit

Dr. Liker shows the Toyota Way in action, then outlines how to apply the Toyota Way in your organisation, with examples of how other companies have rebuilt their culture to create a Lean, learning enterprise. The Toyota Way is an inspiring guide to taking the steps necessary to emulate Toyota's remarkable success.

NHS Institute Tip - go to page 292 to establish if you organisation has made sufficient commitment to start a Lean journey A field book is also available to help you. It contains practical examples and shows you in a simple step by step way how to implement Lean principles in your organisation.

Publisher - McGraw-Hill Education
Date of Publication - December, 2003

ISBN - 0071392319

JPG02_reVIEW.jpgreView - realising exceptional value in everyday work - Cindy Jimmerson

(A simple introduction to value stream mapping and A3 report writing - 5 stars)

An interactive workbook that introduces the reader to the principles of the Toyota Production System. Healthcare examples are used throughout. It also includes a useful table that translates the 7 wastes using healthcare examples.

Publisher -
Date of Publication - January, 2004
ISBN - Unknown

We would also recommend the

day_planner1.gifLean Healthcare Daily Planner

This interactive workbook allows the user to plan, review and reflect upon the value of daily work activities. It explains how to design and conduct a Lean meeting - this will save you valuable time and make your meetings more productive.

Publisher -
Date of Publication - January, 2004
ISBN - Unknown

LearningtoSee1.jpgLearning to See - Mike Rother and John Shook

(The orginal guide to value stream mapping - 5 stars)
Learning to See breaks down the important concepts of value stream mapping into an easy to understand format. The manual is filled with actual value stream maps, as well as engaging diagrams and illustrations.

To encourage readers to become actively involved in the learning process, Learning to See contains a case study based on a fictional company - Acme Stamping. The reader begins by mapping the current state of the value stream and looks for all sources of waste in the value stream. After the waste identified, a map is developed with the projected future value stream. The workbook makes complicated concepts simple. It teaches reasons for introducing a mapping programme and how it fits into a Lean transformation.

With this easy to follow and engaging product, an organisation gets the tools it needs to understand a value stream mapping programme, so it can eliminate waste in its processes. Start the Lean journey and reduce waste that is costing your organisation money with value stream mapping.
Publisher - Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI)
Date of Publication - February 1999
ISBN - 0966784308

book_lean_lexicon1.gifLean Lexicon - Lean Enterprise Academy

(A comprehensive A to Z of lean, simple and easy to understand - 5 stars)

The Lean Lexicon is an illustrated glossary of key Lean terms and concepts. This short book contains a useful description of the most popular Lean tools and principles.

Publisher - Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI)
Date of Publication - January 2003
ISBN - 0966784367

leanthinking11.jpgLean Thinking - Womack and Jones

(This book launched the Lean movement - discover how Tesco started its Lean transformation - 5 stars)

This book launched the lean movement back in 1996. It has now been revised and expanded to bring the story up to date and show the continuing power of Lean for today's difficult business climate.

Jones and Womack have tracked the continuing upward progress of the Lean pioneers featured in the original edition and have drawn together the lessons they have learnt in observing firms making a sustained lean transformation. The book is still the essential first step for all those embarking on the Lean path.

Publisher - Free Press
Date of Publication - reprinted and updated July 2003
ISBN - 0743231643

leantoolbox1.jpgThe New Lean Toolbox - John Bicheno

(Helps you towards fast, flexible flow - 5 stars)

This is probably the most comprehensive guide available to the full range of Lean tools and concepts.

Publisher - Picsie Press
Date of Publication - January 2004
ISBN - 09541244133

ohno1.jpgTaiichi Ohno - Toyota Production System - Taiichi Ohno

(A translation of the personal notes of the original Lean thinker - 5 stars)

The creator of just-in-time at Toyota reveals the origins, innovations, and ceaseless evolution of the Toyota Production System. The book is a classic text on the subject and a must read for any manager who is interested in achieving worldcalss performance. Ohno compared just-in-time to an American supermarket, because the supermarket has the following characteristics: A consumer gets what is needed ,when it is needed , in the amount needed. Any organisation, according to Ohno, needs to function in the same manner. Rather than having large amounts of excess inventory, a just-in-time organisation produces only the current amount needed. Ohno gives you useful insights into using Toyota's methodology in other organisations. The text is an excellent place to start for any organisation interested in developing a waste free system.

Publisher - Productivity Press
Date of Publication - February 2005
ISBN - 09152991433



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