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Making the Connections

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Making the Connections

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The Making the Connections (MtC) policy for public service reform was established during the second Assembly term. It sets out the Assembly Government's vision for a prosperous, sustainable, bilingual, healthier and better-educated Wales.

The Making the Connections programme outlines four main principles:

  1. Citizens at the Centre: services more responsive to users with people and communities involved in designing the way services are delivered.
  2. Public Engagement: every person to have the opportunity to contribute and connect with the hardest to reach.
  3. Working together as the Welsh Public Service: more co-ordination between providers to deliver sustainable, quality and responsive services.
  4. Value for Money: making the most of our resources.

The MtC programme for reform is proceeding under the Delivering Beyond Boundaries action plan. Read the action plan and more about our five year programme to improve public service delivery in our improving public services topic area.

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