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History at key stages 1 and 2    (Year 3/4)

Unit 9: What was it like for children in the Second World War?

About this unit

In this unit children find out about the effects of the Second World War on children in their local area, nationally and internationally. There are also opportunities to consider the effects of war on children today.

Children use a range of sources, including the recollections of people alive at the time. They consider the reasons for and results of key aspects of the war.

This unit supports citizenship: 7

Sections in this unit

This unit is divided into sections. Each section contains a sequence of activities with related objectives and outcomes. You can view this unit by moving through the sections or print/download the whole unit.
1. What was the Second World War? When and where did it take place?
2. What was the Blitz?
3. Why were children evacuated?
4. What was it like to be an evacuee?
5. What did people eat during the war?
6. In what other ways might the war have affected people?
7. What were children's experiences of the war?
8. What it was like to be a child living in this area in World War II?
9. How did the Second World War affect children who lived in this locality?
10. What has been done since to prevent another world war?