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Financial Sustainability Strategy Group report

Report on the sustainability of learning and teaching in English higher education.

Learning and teaching

Our strategic aim for learning and teaching is to ensure that all higher education students benefit from a high-quality learning experience fully meeting their needs and the needs of society.

In 2009-10 we will distribute funding of up to £4,782 million (of which £143 million is for widening participation and £269 million for teaching enhancement and student success) as recurrent grants to support learning and teaching in universities and colleges. We also fund several special initiatives in support of our strategic aim.

Our funding method funds similar activities at similar rates, and ensures that any variations are for sound and justifiable reasons. In addition, it supports our policy to increase opportunities for a wide range of people to enter higher education, by taking into account the extra costs of providing for certain types of student, such as part-timers. The method also recognises institutional diversity by taking into account the needs of specialist and small institutions.

The provisional allocation of 2009-10 recurrent grants to the universities and colleges we fund directly was announced in HEFCE 2009/08.

Further information on our funding of learning and teaching is available.

Last updated 5 March 2009