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Addressing the economic challenges

A new fund will help the HE sector respond to the economic downturn.

Economy & society

We are committed to enhancing the contribution higher education (HE) makes to the economy and society.

Institutions already engage with the wider world in many different ways. But we provide specific funds and support that encourages them to do this more effectively. This work aims to help HE contribute to economic and social development through innovation, enterprise and skills. In return, it seeks to bring the inspiration of that wider world back into universities and colleges.

Employer engagement

We are encouraging a new relationship between higher education and employers that supports business growth through developing the knowledge and skills of their employees.

We are exploring this transformation through our workforce development programme including:

Business & community

The business & community theme supports a third stream of funding, underpinning our work in the areas of research and innovation and employer engagement. This stream develops the interaction between HE and the wider world, and thereby increases economic and social impact.

Central to the delivery and success of this aim are:

Economic challenge

We are helping the HE sector respond to the current economic challenges through a dedicated funding programme, and close work with key sector representatives.

Last updated 27 January 2009