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David Neuberger

Born in 1948, David Neuberger was educated at Westminster and Oxford, where he studied chemistry for four years, including a year's research. From 1970 to 1973, he worked in investment banking. After two years studying law, he embarked on a career at the Bar, where he specialised in property law. he became a QC in 1987, a High Court Judge in 1996, a Court of Appeal Judge in 2004, and a Law Lord in 2007. In 2006/7, he chaired a working party set up by the Bar Council to investigate how access to the barristers' profession could be widened and improved. He is married to Angela, a TV producer and book writer and editor, and has three children, all of whom are solicitors. His interests are (pretty unoriginally) reading, walking, opera, talking (and, occasionally, even listening).