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If you want information about using design, facts and figures about the UK design industry, or information on particular design disciplines or sectors, you can find it here. 

Our world-class resource has in-depth information on design and business issues and opportunities, written by recognised experts, as well as information for students and educators.

You can also listen to podcasts and see recent design-related stories from the press.

Business media round up


Read the latest design and innovation stories from the international business media logo

New mantra – innovation, innovation, innovation

Published 30 Jan 2009

In the 1930s, Morris Motors became Europe's biggest car manufacturer. How? By investing in innovation, despite the worldwide depression that followed the Wall Street crash.

Podcasts and downloads


Our podcasts and downloads feature comment from some top designers

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Managing design


Not sure how design could fit into your business? Want to find out how other people do it? Read our in-depth articles on how design is managed, with practical ideas and real-life examples of design being used for business success

LEGO was among eleven companies who have shared their design processes

Eleven lessons: managing design in eleven global brands

How do leading companies manage design in their businesses? Our in-depth study of the design processes used in eleven global brands gives real insights into the way design operates in these firms, and delivers usable lessons for all designers and managers

The design process

Different designers manage the process of design in different ways. But when we studied the design process in eleven leading companies, we found striking similarities and shared approaches among the designers we talked to. In this section we show one way of mapping the design process, and give more detail on the key activities in each of the process's four stages

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Business essentials


What are the latest issues affecting businesses? What's new in the world of design thinking? Find out here in our collection of essential information for businesses

The power of branding: a practical guide

We have created this free guide to shed some light on the subject of branding; what it is, how it works and how you can use it to help improve your business.

Finding and working with a designer: a step-by-step guide

We have created this free guide to explain the process of finding and working with a designer – focusing on your needs and ensuring you get the most out of the project.

Design disciplines


From product design to retail interiors, find out about design with our guides from international experts

Automotive design

Automotive design is a complicated discipline. Although primarily concerned with the appearance of a vehicle, it is governed by various factors including security, safety and engineering - all of which have their own set of specialists. This means that as well as designing to very high standards, automotive designers must have excellent teamworking and communication skills, say Chris Clements and...

Lamborghini Miura by Marcello Gandini/Bertone

Information design

By co-ordinating a range of design, language, evaluation and technical skills, information designers play a vital role in making complex information easy to understand and use. Sue Walker and Mark Barratt look at the challenges facing the information design profession today and assess future trends

More design disciplines

Facts and figures


Look up and download facts and figures on design in the UK, and learn more about our research

Design Council Research Briefings

The Design Council's research team has compiled these fact-filled briefings which explain the impact of design on business and public services

Design Around the World

Amaze your friends with facts and figures about design in Europe from the first instalment of our directory of design organisations across the globe. So far we've done Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. And, of course, the UK

More research

Resources for design teachers and students


Primary, secondary and further education teachers, as well as design and business lecturers, can find information here on teaching and learning about design in all manner of disciplines and sectors

A week in the life of design

Nat Hunter, Matthew Hilton, Vyshali Sardesai, Hai Tran, Sophie Thomas and Catherine Murray

Designers Nat Hunter, Matthew Hilton, Vyshali Sardesai, Hai Tran, Sophie Thomas and Catherine Murray tell us what they do during a typical working week.


Design techniques


Find up-to-date thinking on a range of techniques used by designers

'Dear Architect' a brief from Walker Technology College in Newcastle

How to write a design brief

This is a free guide for small businesses, public services and anyone commissioning a designer.

User-centred design

The most successful designs come from understanding the needs of the people that use them. Alison Black gives an insight into how a user-centred approach can lead to innovative products and services that deliver real consumer benefit.

More design techniques