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The Hutton Inquiry
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Press Notices

HI 03

29 July 2003


Lord Hutton has appointed Clifford Chance LLP to act as solicitor to his Inquiry.

The Government's Legal Service would normally provide solicitors for a Judicial Inquiry. Lord Hutton would have complete confidence in the independence and integrity in the Government Legal Services Treasury Solicitor in carrying out that role, but because of the nature of his Inquiry he considers that public confidence would be best served by the appointment of an independent firm of solicitors.

Note for Editors

1. Michael Smyth is the partner responsible at Clifford Chance for this work and will be assisted by Martin Smith, senior associate.

2. Media queries relating to the procedures of Lord Hutton's investigation should be directed to Mike Burrell in the DCA Press Office, Tel: 020-7210 8512/13.

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