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Entries for January 2009

158 Days
By Rachel Stevenson

158 days, that’s how long it’s been. 158 days, at least according to the Royal Meteorological Office and we have no reason to doubt them - their minute by minute 100% accurate weather predictions are appreciated by all. Today we’ll have rain, sleet, 90% humidity, cloud, hail and, at 18:17, a heat-storm. All of these [...]
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By Rob Dysaut

Fat drops of wet splash upon my naked eyes. This is because my head is tilted back as far as it can go. My throat exposed like a ready sacrifice: it’s not a comfortable sensation and an ache has coalesced in the base of my neck and is steadily creeping down my spine. Presumably this [...]
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Musings of a Stargazer
By Fiona MacDonald

Ink’s favourite hobby is stargazing.  She sits at her telescope night after night and stares up at the stars and the planets, and at the lights that flitter between them, moments of sparkling intensity where people live their lives and await that moment of arrival when they can finally see their dreams coalesce into reality.   They’re all up there, [...]
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Out of Oppression Emerges a Unified People
By Nigel Envarli Crowe

When I awake, there is a shining floor far below. I am suspended over a distant sea of concrete. I lurch and a tide of queasy fever sweeps through me.   A crane lifts a person up to my level. He is naked and unmoving, face down in a slanted, standing position. A tiny penis waggles in [...]
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The Summer Triangle
By Chrissie Gittins

Gaby timed her breakfast boiled egg to the aeroplanes flying overhead – one minute, two minutes, three minutes. It was always exactly right, an ochre yolk and a slippery white, free-range level 6 – she wouldn’t buy anything less. She switched on the news out of habit. “The headlines for this Monday morning at seven [...]
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A Conceptual Piece
By Dave Early

This one’s by that Stuart Treadle chappy. Y’know, the bloke off that reality-cum-interactive TV thingy. He won it the other year, I think. A substantial victory to be sure. I don’t watch that stuff, myself. But I hear it’s very popular. People try to justify their interest in it. And so they should. But there [...]
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The Present
By Dave Early

The throng pulsed. Filthy soles parading through his living room. But he did not mind. He was used to it. And understood their urgency, their joy, their anxiety, their stress, anger and excitement. They left him alone to make his preparations and in turn he allowed them free passage. A few glances askance and the [...]
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By Mary Braithwaite

‘Dear little lamb prancing in meadows we think you’re a pet so sweet and so gentle. Dear little lamb so white and woven we want your leg to roast in our oven.’ The planet looks blue and green and scattered around like a beautiful embroidery are the lovely animals. Against the green fields are the white of sheep, the darker colours of horses [...]

Sunset in 2058
By Emma Allwood

The glowing wound of golden sun bleeds into the evening as the city of London slowly turns away from it. The sky is a soft pink, streaked with burning amber as the last light of the summer day fades. Total silence befalls every house, every street. The grey, crumbling dome of the once great cathedral [...]
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Bios Online
By Arri Kafoor

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