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  • 19:30 21 Jan 2009
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Project Radio - Andrew Lees Trust

The British Embassy to Madagascar is supporting the Andrew Lees Trust, a UK registered charity working exclusively in Southern Madagascar for almost fourteen years, to bring vital education and information via radio to rural communities in the ex-Province of Fianarantsoa.

The Andrew Lees Trust (ALT) provides social and environmental education and development projects with the aim of empowering local populations to improve their food security, natural resource management and reduce the effects of extreme poverty. ALT ‘Projet Radio’, has developed and set up rural radio communications networks which deliver education and information via radio broadcast to isolated rural communities across Southern Madagascar at a cost of less than adollar per head per year (estimated 800,000 listeners across two ex-Provinces).

The Embassy's funds will provide a new Production Studio to extend and support partnerships and programme making for the existing radio network in Fianarantsoa in order to:

1)       Increase access to education and information to local people and help mobilize them to participate in development action

2)       Provide opportunities for local people to give voice to their development needs.

3)       Improve capacity of local partners and radio stations in Fianarantsoa to develop and broadcast educational radio programmes in response to local people’s information needs.

4)       Extend the flow of information and communication in the Province.

In addition to launching and equipping a new production studio, the High Commission is also enabling ALT to build capacity of 13 new local partners (NGO’s, Service Providers) in participative production techniques. These partners will collectively produce an average of 10 new educational radio programmes per month on themes relevant to daily life and development –e.g. farming, environment, health, HIV AIDS, and will ensure that important information and learning opportunities broadcast in parallel to regional development initiatives and opportunities.

ALT will also be able to engage a further 9 local FM radio stations to broadcast these educational programmes - greatly increasing the access to education and information for rural and urban communities in this region.

Villagers receive the programmes via wind up/solar powered radios which are distributed to radio listening groups. Additionally 10% of the population owns their own radio. ALT estimates approximately 118,815 new listeners will benefit from the new partnership broadcasts.

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