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Senior management of the Home Office

The Home Office is headed by the Home Secretary, who sets the agenda and goals for the department.

The day-to-day running and long-term strategy of the organisation is, however, the responsibility of Home Office civil servants.

Home Office Board

The board is responsible for leading the Home Office, and to ensure that we:

  • fulfil the goals set by ministers
  • ensure we can meet future challenges
  • maintain high standards

Its members are the most senior civil servants in the department.

Board members

  • Chair: Sir David Normington, Permanent Secretary
  • Lin Homer, Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency (new window)
  • James Hall, Chief Executive of the Identity and Passport Service (new window)
  • Charles Farr, Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism
  • Helen Kilpatrick, Director General of Financial and Commercial
  • Kevin White, Director General of Human Resources 
  • Peter Makeham, Director General of Strategy and Reform
  • Yasmin Diamond, Director of Communications

Non-executive directors

The board's non-executive directors bring an outsiders' approach to Home Office decision-making. They provide an independent judgement on issues of strategy, planning, performance, and standards of conduct.  

Although they advise and question, they don't make executive decisions, and they remain independent of management, free from any other relationships within government that might interfere with their role. 

  • Derrick Anderson
  • John Heywood

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