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Anti-social behaviour

Environmental crime

Environmental crime has a huge impact on our communities and on how happy we are in them. It can ruin public spaces and is expensive to clean up.

Environmental crime can include:

  • fly-tipping - dumping household or commercial rubbish in private or communal areas
  • littering - deliberately dropping litter on the streets
  • graffiti - spray-painting or otherwise marking private property or communal areas like the sides of bus-shelters and houses
  • vandalism - damaging private property or communal facilities like telephone boxes or play-ground equipment

What's we're doing about environmental crime

We're working with the police and local authorities to combat this kind of anti-social behaviour.

Measures we've put in place include:

  • giving local authorities more power - to take action against fly-tippers and vandals
  • restricting sale of spray paint - it's an offence for retailers to sell spray paint to anyone under the age of 16

What you can do

Speak to your local anti-social behaviour coordinator

Speak to your local ASB coordinator (new window) about what's happening in your area.  They can provide support and advice, and help you tackle the problem.

Find out who your local anti-social behaviour coordinator is by using the coordinator search page on the Together website.

Report anti-social behaviour

It's really important to report anti-social behaviour whenever it occurs.

How to report environmental crime

It's really important to report any anti-social behaviour, as there is now a lot the police can do to help.

See Reporting anti-social behaviour to find out how.


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