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Science, research & statistics

Research, development and statistics

The Research, Development and Statistics directorate (RDS) is a branch of the Home Office dedicated to researching and collecting statistics.

Visit the Research, Development and Statistics website

To see statistics and research on crime, justice and immigration visit the Home Office Research, Development and Statistics website.

RDS provide information, research and statistics on topics that relate to Home Office responsibilities such as crime, the justice system and immigration. 

Home Office ministers and policy-makers, who need to make decisions based on evidence, then use these research findings and statistics to inform their decisions. 

How we use research to make policies

For example, by accurately measuring burglary levels over time we can find out whether our burglary-reduction strategies are working or not:

  • if we found levels of burglary were dropping, we could develop the successful strategies further
  • if we found levels stayed the same or increased then that would be evidence that our anti-burglary strategies weren't working, so we would then change and improve them

The information Research, Development and Statistics produce is available to members of the public - visit the RDS website to view statistics and research: www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds


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