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About us

Staff equality and diversity

We want to create a working environment where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated.

The reports below show how we're doing in meeting our targets.

The race, disability and gender equality scheme

The Home Office equality scheme explains how we're working to eliminate discrimination within the organisation and to promote equality. A 2008 progress report updates our work on this ongoing programme.

Employment monitoring report

The Home Office is required by law to monitor the make up of its staff and how procedures impact on staff in relation to gender, race and disability.

Race equality reports

In July 1999 the Home Secretary set staff race equality targets for the Home Office and its service areas. Reports are produced every year that show how well we're meeting these targets.

Recent reports are listed below:

Diversity and equal opportunities reports

The Home Office also produces a diversity and equal opportunities report annually which provides details of the range of diversity monitoring that takes place within the core Home Office and IND, and which meets our statutory employment duties under the Race Relations Act 2000:

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