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Crime and victims

Scared to travel on public transport?

Lots of people find the crowds on trains, tubes and buses overwhelming, but crime levels are actually very low.

If you find travelling on public transport makes you nervous, you're not alone. Plenty of people find the idea a bit intimidating. But the simple fact is, you're just as safe on a bus or train as you are walking down a street in any average British city, since crime levels on public transport are much the same as those for Britain in general.

In fact, in recent years, crime on public transport has been falling at about the same rate as overall crime throughout the country.

Getting safer all the time

Over the last few years the British Transport Police (new window) have been expanding their staffing to include more officers. There are now 2,494 police officers, and 248 special constables working with British Transport to make travel safer for everyone.

Overall, the number of crimes in 2004/05 fell by two per cent compared to the previous year. These figures included an almost 20 per cent reduction in the number of robberies.

You can help

If you encounter criminal behaviour in your travels, don't hesitate to contact the British Transport Police to report it. A responsive, informed citizenry is the best weapon we have against crime.

You might also want to read our tips for travelling safely on public transport.

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