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Passports & immigration

Why we need ID cards

ID cards are controversial, and we do not take these issues lightly. But we believe there are compelling reasons to have them.

ID cards will:

  • help protect people from identity fraud and theft
  • ensure that people are who they say they are
  • tackle illegal working and immigration abuse
  • disrupt the use of false and multiple identities by criminals and those involved in terrorist activity
  • ensure free public services are only used by those entitled to them
  • enable easier access to public services

ID cards and biometrics: increasing security

A biometric identifier is a unique physical characteristic, such as the pattern of your iris or your fingerprint.

Recording biometric data in a chip contained within ID cards will give us a more reliable way of ensuring that the person claiming to be you, is actually you.

Because biometric identifiers are unique, they more accurately verify identity compared to other forms of authentication like PIN numbers and passwords, which can be stolen.

Biometric technology is already used in passports.

Right across the world there’s a drive to increase document security and improve border controls with biometrics.  Twenty one of the 25 EU Member States have already introduced ID cards.

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