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  • from 9 May 2007 responsibility for offender management and justice-related FOI requests moved to the Ministry of Justice. We will continue to display FOI releases that were published up to this date, but for information requested after 9 May 2007 visit the Ministry of Justice website.
  • for FOI releases relating to identity or passports go to the Identity and Passport Service website.


Released Information (latest 10)

Title Date
Documents between the Home Office and Chief Constable David Hall, Controller of the National Reporting Centre, during the policing of the 1984-1985 Miners' Strike. 01/12/2008
Home Defence Committiee - Security Policy Review 26/11/2008
Section 28 of the Data Protection Act 1998 26/11/2008
Border Control presence at Airports. 24/09/2008
Deportation of asylum seekers failed due to disruptive behaviour by the passenger. 24/09/2008
Church of Scientology 24/09/2008
Grunwick dispute 1976-1978 24/09/2008
Handling of suspected 'health tourists' 24/09/2008
Policy on the cancellation of refugee status 24/09/2008
Home Office asylum policy towards Iraqi refugees 24/09/2008

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