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Anti-social behaviour

Nuisance neighbours

Nuisance neighbours have a big impact on the community around them. We intend to stop them, and protect the law-abiding majority.

Just one or two families can ruin dozens of lives through threats, intimidation, harassment and vandalism. Rowdiness, loud music or televisions, and refusing to silence dogs that bark nonstop are all hallmarks of classic nuisance neighbours.

Stopping nuisance neighbours

If this happens to you, we can help.

We have a range of powers designed to turn nuisance neighbours into normal neighbours:

  • neighbours who make too much noise can be fined up to £5000 or have noisy equipment removed if warnings are ignored
  • local authorities, the police and social landlords can now apply for  anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs)
  • social landlords can apply to the courts for a demoted tenancy, or even evict tenants in severe cases
  • properties in which class A drugs are supplied or used can be closed by the police
  • houses or businesses where persistent anti-social behaviour is reported could ultimately be closed and sealed by police or local authorities

What you can do

Seek out help

Start by speaking to your local anti-social behaviour coordinator (new window) about what's happening in you neighbourhood.  They can provide support and advice, and help you tackle the problem.

Report anti-social behaviour

It's really important to report anti-social behaviour whenever it occurs. We can't help you if you don't let us know what's going on.

So get in touch, and you'll start getting the help you need.

How to report nuisance neighbours

It's really important to report any anti-social behaviour, as there is now a lot the police can do to help.

See Reporting anti-social behaviour to find out how.


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