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The police

Learn more about the modern police, and how it's protecting you.

The modern police service is a varied, multi-layered, responsive institution working to ensure your safety.

Today's police service

The police force is changing. These days it's not just made up of officers and staff, but is augmented by volunteer Special Constables and highly focused Community Support Officers. All three branches walk beats, work closely with the public, and fight crime in their own ways.

Learn more about the new police service:

  • Regular Police Officer  - regular officers have full police powers and make up the majority of the police service
  • Special Constable  - Specials are part-time volunteer officers who have full police powers, but who also have their own full-time jobs too
  • Police Community Support Officer  - PCSOs are full-time staff with partial police powers - they focus on community safety and stopping anti-social behaviour

For more information, follow the links below:

  • About the police

    Find out more about how the police service works, how it’s boosting diversity in the service and the plans for future reform

  • Police powers

    Police officers have a range of powers so they can protect our communities from harm. Learn more about your rights and obligations

  • Police recruitment

    Think you’ve got what it takes to be a police officer? Find out more about the different police roles

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