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Giving a stronger voice to every community

5 January 2009

All 43 police forces in England and Wales have committed to meet the promises contained in the national policing pledge.

The policing pledge (new window) is a new and clear deal on what people can expect from their local force.

It gives residents an unprecedented say over how their communities are policed. It also allows them to hold the police to account if they don't fulfil their promises.

The public can also be confident that their local police are working to a national standard of service that is the same throughout the country, while still focusing on local priorities.

Radical reforms underway

The pledge was just one part of a package of radical reforms set out in the policing green paper (new window) earlier this year. 

Since then, police forces have worked hard to implement the changes required by that paper, and the full-scale commitment to the pledge by all forces is a clear indication of the fundamental change now underway. 

Making you more confident in your police

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that 'for the first time' people have been given a set minimum standard of service police must provide. The changes, she said, are designed 'to increase your confidence' in the police.

She added, 'The public are our strongest weapon in tackling crime, and the policing pledge is a clear deal on what you can expect from the police.

Ken Jones of the Association of Chief Police Officers said, 'The national policing pledge for the first time sets out a clear framework within which customised local pledges can be developed. The tide of centrally driven targets and mandated activity is being turned back.'

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