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Passports & immigration


The Identity and Passport Service handles all issues relating to passports.

The Identity and Passport Service deals with:

  • applications for new passports
  • passport renewals
  • lost or stolen passports
  • name changes

You can apply for a passport by requesting an application pack (new window) and sending it by post or by applying online (new window).

Application turnaround times

Application turnaround times vary according to the service you are requesting, but most postal applications are returned within three weeks of receipt. The Identity and Passport Service can also provide a fast-track processing service, for a higher fee, to have applications processed in as little as 48 hours, if you are eligible.

Please note: fast-track passport applications are not available when you're applying for your first ever passport. 

Visit the Identity and Passport Service website for more on passport application turnaround times (new window).


Visit the Identity and Passport Service website for the latest information on passport fees (new window).

Biometric passports

Biometric passports are central to this process. Each one has enhanced security features, including a chip containing a scanned image of the passport holder, and basic information about them, which border agents can compare to the printed information.

All new passports issued are biometric, and eventually they will constitute all UK passports.

Learn more about biometric passports (new window).

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