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Crackdown on irresponsible drinking

3 December 2008

The government plans to ban ‘all you can drink’ promotions in pubs and bars.

The ban is just one part of a new £4.5 million crackdown on alcohol-fuelled crime and aggression. It will target both sales in stores and drinks specials in bars.

The decision came after an independent review found that many retailers are not selling alcohol responsibly.

New code of practice

Actions being considered include:  

  • banning offers like ‘all you can drink for £10’
  • outlawing promotions that target certain groups, such as 'ladies nights'
  • banning supermarket deals that require customers to buy large amounts of alcohol to get discounts
  • making sure consumers can see the unit content on bottles and cans

Taking a targeted approach

As part of this crackdown, the government will spend £3 million targeting alcohol-related problems in 190 locations. A further £1.5 million will go to areas with known problems, to help them stop sales of alcohol to underage drinkers, and to ensure they can confiscate alcohol from minors.

The money will also fund public campaigns to educate people about the new rules and the crackdown.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said, ‘There is no simple solution to tackling this problem - we all have a responsibility to tackle the binge drinking culture.’

Find out more

Read information about plans for stricter rules on the sales of drinks by stores on the Department of Health website (new window).

You can also read a copy of the government’s alcohol strategy, Safe. Sensible. Social. The next steps in the National Alcohol Strategy (new window)

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